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MonumentsFor those with several hours to spend in the city, a stroll through the port area of Petropavlovsk is a walk through history. Take a closer look and you will find fascinating pockets of history in the port area. Here is a tour of some of PK's most historic monuments and buildings. Refer to the map on the facing page for locations of these monuments.

1. V.I. Lenin monument erected in 1978 in front of the Kamchatka Regional Administration Building.

2. Heroes of the Anglo-French War in 1854 – located just up Leninskaya Street on the slope of Nikolskaya Hill. In the 2 side-by-side graves are buried 35 Russians and 38 French and English sailors. This chapel was built in 1912 in honor of those who died in the conflict.

3. On Nikolskaya Hill is another 8-meter high cast iron monument erected in 1882 to honor those who perished in the Anglo-French battle on August 24 and 26, 1854.

4. 3rd Battery Cannons monument to the soldiers fighting under Lieutenant A. Maksutov who died in the battle in 1854.

5. Kuril Islands Monument honors the return of theKuril Islands that had been lost to Japan in the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War. In a secret pact between Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt, if Russia joined the war against Japan, as spoils of the imminent victory over Japan and Germany, Russia would regain the Kuril Islands. This monument was erected in 1946 to honor the victory and those who gave their lives.

6. Captain Charles Clark, who took over command of Captain James Cook's Discovery, was buried in Petropavlovsk on August 22, 1799, having died on board the ship at the age of 38. After Captain Cook was killed in Hawaii, the ships sailed to Kamchatka and dropped anchor in Avacha Bay. June 12, 1779 the Resolution and Discovery departed but returned after failing to break through the northern ice pack. This time, they brought the body of Captain Clark to be buried. This monument was dedicated by a 1913 British delegation visiting Kamchatka.

7. Along the waterfront are historic buildings that have now been restored and remodeled for offices and shops.

8. Art salon, filial of the Kamchatka State Unified Museums Petropavlovsk is worth stopping into along Leninskaya Street. Here one may see and purchase original artwork and traditional crafts by Kamchatka's finest artists and craftspeople.

9. Kamchatka State Unified Museum, formerly known as the regional museum, has historical, natural history, and cultural exhibitions. It is in the restored building of Kamchatka's last tsarist governor.

10. Jean-Francois de Galaup La Perouse Monument is located between Sovetskaya Street, which runs parallel to Leninskaya Street. Walk east along the upper Sovetskaya Street and take the footstairs down from Sovetskaya Street toward Leninskaya Street. Here you'll find the monument to La Perouse who attempted to circumnavigate the globe in 1785. Fifty years after their visit, the French applied to Kamchatka's government for permission to erect a monument in honor of the navigator.

11. Vitus Bering Monument is located also near the stairs between Sovetskaya and Leninskaya Streets. Dane by birth and Russian by service, Vitus Bering commanded the 1st and 2nd Kamchatka Expeditions and died of scurvy trying to return to Kamchatka from Alaska in 1742. This simple tower crowned with a flower and cannonball. The installation date of the monument isn't known but sometime from 1823-1826 it was delivered to Petropavlovsk.