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#304 Rafting trip down the Zhupanovo River.


Duration of the trip:                     15 days.

Season:                                             15 June – 20 September.


Karymsky volcano 1  This tour will give you an idea of the “unique” wilderness of the Kamchatka peninsula, and its thermal and volcanic activity. Active and dormant volcanoes, geysers, thermal springs, rivers, lakes and forests will impress anyone who comes here to travel. Kamchatka suits both exigent guests and those who is found of extreme tourism.Karymsky volcano 2

  During this trip you will get acquainted with one of the most beautiful and wild rivers of Kamchatka.

  To access the start of the trip and get back to the town, a helicopter is provided. Helicopter expenses are paid additionally.

The tour offers: KarymskoeOzero

- watching erupting Karymsky volcano;

- watching Karymskoe Lake formed during eruption of the volcano in 1991;

- bathing in radon healing pools;

- watching waterfalls;

- rafting down the Zhupanovo River up to the Pacific Ocean;

Karymsky waterfallZhupanovo River, raftingZhupanovo River, Rainbow Trout


1 day.

Arrival in Petropavlovsk. Transfer from the airport to Hotel. Meetingf the guide and preparing for the trip.

2 day.

Helicopter MI-8 flight to Karymsky volcano. Enjoy beautiful volcanic landscape from the height of the helicopter flight. Landing and camping in tents.

3 day.

An excursion to the Lake.

4 day.

An excursion to the waterfalls.

5 day.

12 km trek in the direction of the Zhupanovo River.

6 day.

12 km trek to the Zhupanovo River.

7 day.

Preparing for the rafting. Start of the rafting.

8,9,10,11 days.

Floating down the Zhupanovo River.

12 day.

The end of the rafting.

13 day.

Helicopter MI-8 flight to Petropavlovsk. Drive to Paratunka resort, accomodation in a hotel. Relaxation and bathing in hot thermal pools.

14 day.

City tour including a visit to the local museum.

15 day.

Transfer to the airport. Departure.


  Tourists should have a backpack, waterproof plastic bag for personal things, sleeping bag, tent, mat, layered clothes, spare footwear, high boots (waders), sunscreen, mosquito repellent, flask, sun glasses, first aid set, personal care items, and fishing gear (for anglers). Anglers are required to apply in advance for a fishing license for additional fee. Overnights in tents while en route.


Cost of the route:

Number of individuals




Cost EURO per person.




Any changes to the program at your request will be considered along with the price adjustment.


Price includes:

-Full transfer by the programme of the route.

-English-speaking rep at the arrival and departure in the Petropavlovsk airport.

-Accommodation in a hotel in Petropavlovsk and Paratunka.

-Guides, interpreter and cook services en route.

-Equipment for Rafting.

-City tour and museums fees.


-Invitation letter and visa registration.

Price not includes:

- Alcohol.

- Feed in the hotel.

- Helicopter expenses are paid additionally (4 hours).


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