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Kamchatka vegetation

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The plant life of Kamchatka is formed by birch forests, a "coniferous island" in the central Kamchatka plain and high-mountain flora with bushes and tundra.

In birch forests, Erman birch prevail, in coniferous forests there is mainlyjapanese dwarf pine and larch of Kayandera; and the most widely distributed bushes are elfin cedar and elf in alder.

Vertically the vegetation cover of Kamchatka is spread in such a way: on the western coast there is the vegetation of the mountain type, The forest belt rises up to 800 m (1000) meters above the sea level, Sub-alpine belt (dense bushes of elfins) rises to the height of 1200m and separate spots of elfins rise up to 1400 meters. Above the 1400 m elevation is the alpine belt, In these highest elevations is mountain tundra and even higher are the sparsely vegetated alpine waste grounds.

Along the entire high profile one can meet marshes, Significant areas are periodically devastated by volcanic activity. Many vegetative complexes are pristine and remain unaltered by human presence. Kamchatka flora is represented by 1166 species of plants, 17 of which are endemic to Kamchatka. The very short summer period is abundant with a great variety of flowers that manage to blossom in the ephemeral season. The waves of color change and complement one another on Kamchatka's landscape. Here is the approximate list and sequence of flowering background plants of the forest belt: geranium Geranium erianthum gives lilac color, Pleurospermum uralense white color, Iris setosa blue-violet color, lily weak, Lilium debile orange color, willow herb Chamerionan-gustifolium pink, and Hieracium umbellatum yellow.

The flower color waves appear from the second week of July with the interval of 2-8 days; each wave lasts up to 10 days, The pride of the region is a beautiful orchid -Cypripedium macranthon, which begins to bloom atthe end of June and lasts 20-30 days. It's better to admire the flowering of the mountain tundra until the beginning of the second week of August. The following flowers are extremely beautiful: Rhododendron aureum and Rododendron camtschaticum, Anemone, Saxifraga, and alsofamous Kamchatka's f lowers Pedicularis. Autumn is exclusively beautiful in Kamchatka. The so called "the golden peak" of the season is between September 13-18, As a rule, in this time the weather is sunny and dry. One can observe the creation and destruction of vegetative complexes. Volcanic lava streams, slag fields, thermal grounds of the hot springs are on different stages of revegetation. On the young land the pioneer plants settle: Stellaria eschscholtziana, Poa malacantha, Saxifraga funstonii, Oxytropis kamtschatica. Looking atthem,onefeelslikeoneis watching the creation of the green world.