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Kamchatka wildlife

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It is known that the abundance of vegetation depends on the climatic zone and weather conditions of the region. We can observe rather notable variability of trees and plants visiting different places of the peninsula. Thick forests and taiga replace tundra and forest-tundra of the northern and coastal parts in the continental ones.

Fox , animalsThe animal world of Kamchatka has a diverse range of numerous species: brown bear, fox, polar fox, hare, sable, mink, lynx, wolverine, squirrel, elk, northern reindeer, snow-ram, otter, musk-rat and others.

Among the sea animals we distinguish whales, seals, sea otters, and also crabs, clams, sea urchins and others.

Quite diverse is the order of birds on the peninsula.Fish, animals Some of them - partridges, capercaillies, swans, pigeons, crows, magpies stay on the peninsular throughout the year, while others - geese, ducks, for instance - come to this remote place every spring for nesting. On the coastal cliffs and little rocky islands there is an abundance of sea gulls, cormorants, puffins.

More than 30 species of fish can be found in Kamchatka rivers, lakes and seas, surrounding the peninsula. Among them are salmon, herring, navaga, flounder, Caterpillar, animalshalibut, cod, sea perch, crucian and others.

It is of special interest that some species of wild animals and birds, widely spread in similar natural zones on the mainland, are not found in Kamchatka at all. To this group belong, for instance, snakes. Neither dо we have starlings, storks, herons, and sw allows. This сan be partially explained by the isolation of the peninsula and also by the rigorous climate with its long snowy winters.